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King of the Hill
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King of the Hill

When was the last time you played really hard?

Played the way children play. Intensely, completely, totally absorbed in the physical, unafraid and completely engaged?

When was the last time you tackled somebody in play?

In simple children’s games there is so much to learn.

No amount of practicing movement patterns, lifting weights, or doing handstands will teach you what this simple game can.

As we keep saying: movement is about solving problems.

Here we have a beautiful set of problems to solve: moving in a crowd, on difficult terrain, chasing, tackling, evading and breaking tackles, coordinating with teammates…

This game has become a perennial favorite, we vary it up a little every seminar, but the core remains the same: go up the hill against resistance.

This year we combined elements of capture the flag, king of the hill and sharks and minnows, to create a game that taught so much.

The rules were simple. The minnows fight their way to the top of a sandy hill to capture the ball and bring it back to the start. If they get tackled by a shark they become one themselves!

The game ends when the ball is successfully scored or when no minnows are left. If the minnows lose, the last minnow becomes the shark team captain and gets to select their team for the next round.

But I hear you say, isn’t this game dangerous?

It is not without danger, life isn’t, but we pay attention to a few key ideas to keep it safe.

As usual it comes down to the constraints and affordances of the environment. The steepness of the slope slows down the athletes which goes a long way towards preventing high force impacts. The soft sand creates an ideal cushion to fall on. If these conditions weren’t present, we would have to change the game… We wouldn’t play this on a rocky slope for instance.

We also carefully monitor fatigue with our groups and are always sure to end a game just a little bit early, when everyone is at their peak of enjoyment.

Playing intensely is one of the most enjoyable ways to reconnect with your body, environment, and friends. It’s an experience that many people miss out on because they don’t have the tools or the systems in place to approach it in a safe and scalable way.

At EMP we take pride in our ability to provide exactly that. Whether you’re a skilled team sports athlete, or you’ve never done this type of thing before, there is a way for you to play that builds vital skills and connects you to what matters most.

If you want to give this kind of fun a try, and experience the rest of the Evolve Move Play approach for yourself, join us for an upcoming seminar by clicking the link below. Spaces are limited!

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