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Laura Bruner Testimonial
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Laura Bruner Testimonial

Laura Bruner was one of our students at last years Return to the Source Seminar and we have stayed close since she is coming back this year to teach nutrition and organize a bounty of local organic paleo food. Check out what she had to say about last year.


“I have to say Return to the Source was a life-changing experience for me. Having already made some major life changes – taking on a whole food focused career path, focusing on play and functional movement daily, and even moving out of the chaos of the Silicon Valley with my husband to a small town surrounded by forests and beaches – I entered into the experience at Return to the Source simply hoping to meet some new friends and to enjoy a weekend outside playing, moving, and being present. Well, I got all that and so much more. Within the first couple hours, I knew my world had changed in a simple, yet fundamental way. Rafe’s expertise not only built upon what I had already known to be true, but he gave me a whole new understanding and appreciation for what it means to be human. He taught me that the world around me, no matter where I might be, is a playground, a place where I can express myself through movement and play. He taught me that no matter how old I may be, there is always room for play. He helped me to build confidence in my movement and gave me the tools to bring back to my life to continue to express and build upon. We jumped off waterfalls, traversed creeks woods and beaches, roughhoused, climbed trees, vaulted, sommersaulted, camped, laughed, and communed. I came home with a new passion for movement that transcends any view of fitness or health I had ever had before. I came home with a true appreciation of what it means to be healthy that, despite many years in the health and wellness world, I had never had before. Daily play has reduced stress in my life so much that I no longer struggle with tension headaches. The beaches, forests, and mountains near my home have become my gym and my playground. I am able to meditate, climb, and play every day with a deeper understanding of what it is doing for my mind, body, and soul. My husband and I grew closer over the weekend, and I know our future kids will benefit from what we brought home. And I can’t wait till the next one. See you there!”

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