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EMP Podcast 94
LIVE Coaches Panel Discussion | EMP Podcast 94
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LIVE Coaches Panel Discussion | EMP Podcast 94


Episode Breakdown

Today on the show we are joined by EMP Coaches Rob Lansdell, Kyle Koch, and Aaron Cantor!

Over the past six years Aaron, Kyle, and Rob have been working closely with me in developing, refining, and facilitating the Evolve Move Play method.

Each of them brings their own unique skills and strengths to the table, which has helped immensely with expanding and enriching what we’re able to offer to our students and our wider community.

Today we’re going to spend some time talking about the reciprocal relationship between the EMP method and the coaches, as well as talking at depth about our retreats and in person events — how they’ve evolved over the years and our vision for them moving forward.


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