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LIVE Discussion with Ryan Ford | EMP Podcast 100
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LIVE Discussion with Ryan Ford | EMP Podcast 100


Episode Breakdown

Today on the show we are joined by Ryan Ford!

Ryan is the founder of APEX Movement, and author of the book Parkour Strength Training.

Out of Boulder in 2006, Ryan established the first parkour classes in the Western Hemisphere while also becoming one of the original pro parkour athletes in North America. Ryan also co-founded, an online platform dedicated to empowering international parkour, freerunning, and art du déplacement communities by teaching safe and effective parkour coaching methods, researching and developing better parkour training strategies, & building strong, authentic parkour culture & communities.

Ryan has made strength training for parkour a huge focus of his career and that’s going to be the main focus of our conversation. Among other topics, we’ll talk about how to approach a sustainable strength training program, what exercises can give the most bang for your buck in regards to parkour skill transfer, and what resources are available for those of you looking to add intelligent strength training to your practice.

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Thanks everyone, I hope you enjoy the chat.


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