Local Classes

Want to reclaim your flow, grace, power and joy in movement? Join us for our weekly saturday classes.

Our classes will help you reconnect you to your body, to the natural world and to a tribe a like minded individuals. You will become stronger, faster, more fluid, and precise in movement.

Each week we will cover joint integrity & health practices, natural parkour, roughhousing, and dynamic movement games.

Taught at beautiful Volunteer Park in Seattle, home of the sprawling cedars featured in several of our videos, including Treerunner.

What is Natural Parkour?

Our bodies evolved to move through complex natural terrain, many movement arts are derived from the basic capacities we evolved over millions of years in the natural world. Swinging on the high bar, dancing on poles, or playing on the rings, even rock climbing primarily derives from our evolution as tree climbing animals. Of all the movement arts, Parkour is the closest to the primal roots of how we evolved to move. At Evolve Move Play we have taken the basic techniques and principles of parkour and adapted them to moving through nature, going one step further back toward moving like a human.

What is Roughhousing?

Roughhousing or rough & tumble play is one of the most fundamental forms of play. It is a drive that is deeply set in our neurobiology, and a form of play that helps us develop body maps, coordination, agility, strength, mobility, and beyond. The physiological development is key for developing courage, sensitivity, negotiation and communication skills.

What is Joint Integrity?

Our sedentary lifestyles cause the joints to atrophy and often when we train we simple route around dysfunctional joint resulting in movement dysfunction. To move like a human you need to recover joints that can allow real movement. We focus in every class on basic drills to maintain and develop the health of the joints to support the rest of our practice and our long term health.

What are the Evolve Move Play Dynamic games?

The world is complex and every changing game. Through training our perceptual and cognitive systems using complex movement challenges that involve reaching, catching, and throwing we can help refine those capacities and better understand the nature of being able to move well through the world.

Join us every Saturday at Volunteer Park, 11:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m. in front of the black sun sculpture. $25

Seattle Saturday Classes

TIME | Saturdays – 11am to 12:30pm
LOCATION | Volunteer Park, Seattle, Washington
SUMMARY | Join us for our 90-minute Saturday moving event.

Seattle Tuesday Kids Classes

KIDS | Tuesdays – 3pm to 4:15pm
LOCATION | Sandel Park, Seattle, Washington
LEARN MORE | Click Here

Tacoma Sunday Classes

TIME | Sunday – 11am to 12:30pm
LOCATION | The Pagoda at Pt. Defiance Park, Tacoma, Washington
SUMMARY | Join us for our 90-minute Sunday moving event. Taught by Rob Lansdell


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