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Movement inspiration 1/10/14 Interact
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Movement inspiration 1/10/14 Interact

In the Evolve Move Play movement pyramid the upper level is occupied by interactives, movement with or against another human being.

This include combat, and roughhousing it also includes partner dancing, group dancing, and partner acrobatics.

Moving in perfect co-ordination with another human being is an incredible rich and complex challenge. Likewise the ability too move against another person to understand their rhythm to be where they don’t expect and take control of their movement involves tremendous skill and is easily the study of life time.

So today the challenge is to find a way to include interaction in your movement.

If your solo mover traceurs, gymnasts, trickers, try partner/group dance, combat, or partner acro.

If your dancer try combat, a fighter try dance.

For inspiration I want to include a few videos of exceptional performance in these realms

First in the partner dance realm I wanted to highlight this amazingly beautiful hip hop dance from Keone & Mariel
the synchronization is incredible.

Next I wanted go in the opposite direction and look at the amazing takedowns of Ronda Rousey. Combat is often ugly, it rarely looks like the choreographed fights in kung fu movies. Fighters grind against each others tension, both fighters rhythms are disrupted by the other, fatigue fear and pain lead to disorganized movement, so when a fighter can find the moment that allows them complete control, to move as if the opponent hardly matters that grace is especially astonishing. Few things in combat showcase that better then grappling throws.

Finally Lewie West is one of my favorite movers and I wanted to highlight this video which shows some of his partner acrobatic work. This is like the stuff I do playing with my daughter taken to such a refined level it is just astonishing to watch.

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