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Movement Inspiration 1/14/2014 Jump
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Movement Inspiration 1/14/2014 Jump

Jumping is one of the fundamentals of human movement, in sense every running step is a small jump, and big jumps allow us to cross over gaps and to the top of obstacles. Babies start practicing jumping before they can walk, and kids everywhere love to jump on the bed, and on and off the furniture. Unfortunately this is another activity that is seen as too risky, so don’t jump on or off that, is phrase far too often heard in our culture.

Kids are smart their bodies now that jumping is important it is our culture which has become disconnected with our basic biological reality. Jumping is a highly useful physical skill and it is the most important means for developing reactivity and power in the lower body, which are vital physical  abilities.

Once again the value of jumping and the understanding of how to develop it is unevenly distributed among the various movement disciplines, gymnasts rebound of the floor but rarely practicing simple running jumps, hurdles or maximal jumps without a spring floor, track & field develops incredible maximal jumping abilities but little in the way of diversity and complexity, parkour develops a great deal of complexity and diversity in jumping patterns but often fails to take care of the basics of how to develop maximal jumping power. Many other movement disciplines hardly address jumping too any depth at all.

So if you are a Traceur my challenge for you is to do some simple maximal jumping work
Train your jump like an athlete.
Try 10 sets of triple broad jumps to build your hip extension and rebounding ability and 10 box jumps to build your static jumping power.
For inspiration check out this video of the amazing Mich Todorovic the most powerful jumper I know of in the parkour community. Warning strong language

If you haven’t explored the diversity and complexity of jumping find some weird jumping challenges and widen the scope of how you can express jumping. For inspiration check out this video featuring some of the most wide open creativity in jumping I have seen.


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