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Movement Inspiration 1/17/14 roughhouse part 2
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Movement Inspiration 1/17/14 roughhouse part 2

I am in SF with a difficult computer situation for the next week and half so the blog posts will be a bit shorter then normal.

Today’s inspiration is a fun roughhousing video from my friend John Edouard-Ehlinger”>

Playing like this with a child is great but you could find ways to play like this with adult training partners too. Experiment with doing a firemans carry and spin, have three partners in your group experiment with swinging each other with one partner grabbing your feet and the other your hands, one partner on each hand swinging in circle like an adult can do with a child. Play with some very basic stuff in this partner acrobatics realm of roughhousing.

A little bit of sparring if that is something you feel comfortable with is always a great addition to roughhousing as well.

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