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Movement Inspiration 1/20/14 Novel spaces
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Movement Inspiration 1/20/14 Novel spaces

This week I am in the bay area teaching a series of workshops, one of the great things about traveling for workshops is that I get a chance to see new places and adapt my movement to new environments. The rocks, trees and water of Washington have been very good to me but it is always amazing to experience to train in new environments. Every type of tree offers a different set of movement variables a new set of potential solutions, the same with different types of rock, different geographies and ecologies.

For inspiration here is small sample of my training with my host JB Douglas in a couple of the local trees.

Your challenge today is to go somewhere new, somewhere somehow distinct in environment from where you might usually train, if you train in the city try the woods, if the woods the city, the beach or the mountains and in the longer run look to take as many opportunities as you can to train in new habitats, and you will become a more adaptable creature.

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