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Movement Inspiration 1/24/14 Always a student
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Movement Inspiration 1/24/14 Always a student

Apologies for the lack of posts i am still on the road.

Yesterday I met with Shira Yaziv co-founder of the athletic playground a Capoeirista, dancer and all around mover for lesson in the basics of Capoeira. Below is a quick clip of the movement homework she gave me for inspiration, also check out her youtube channel.

It is very easy once one has attained a decent level in one area to stay there, to be a student again requires humbling yourself but it is when we are in the beginner stage that we have the most potential for growth, always be looking for opportunities to widen your experience, to return to the stage of the novice.

That is your challenge to find some aspect of movement that intrigues but you have not taken on and play the novice for a day, even it if just watching youtube tutorials and working through the movements. If Capoeira is new for you try the sequence above.

Technically, it is a ginga – au – squat – queda de rins -squat, negativa – rolle – au you can find tutorials for all of the above.

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