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Movement Inspiration 1/29/14 Play Sumo
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Movement Inspiration 1/29/14 Play Sumo

Back home back to the daily schedule for blogging. Time to talk more about wrestling.

Sumo play

Evolve Move Play is unique in offering a playful roughhousing based approach to building combative ability. Everyone should have some basic ability to defend themselves in a fight but with exception of LEO, Military, and bouncers for most westerners the likelihood of ending up in a fight is very low, and learning basic self defense concepts about avoiding and defusing danger is more useful to survival then being able to actually fight.

The benefits of having combative ability though go far beyond its direct utility. Another living being resisting you is the most complex possible movement challenge, forcing us to move through high levels of diverse movements and positions, to be able to develop high levels of tension and cycle between relaxation and and tension fluidly, to develop improvisational ability, reactive ability, adaptability, resilience and confidence.

The combatives in Evolve Move Play are based on the idea that it is through progressive playful practice we can best gain the benefits of combative movement and will stay motivated to continue our practice. Once a basic foundation of movement and break-falling is established one of the best places to start is variations of sumo or as we called them as kid king of the hill/king of the dock. Its safest to start on flat ground defending a circle, disallow strikes and grabbing below the waist and focus on getting the other person out of the ring instead of throwing them hard and you have a game that has a low potential for injury but is extremely developmental of athleticism and combative movement.

For inspiration check out this awesome sumo video of a european judoka fighting much larger men.

Your challenge try some sumo or any wrestling variation you feel comfortable with.

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