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Movement inspiration 1.3.14 habit
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Movement inspiration 1.3.14 habit

Movement inspiration 1.3.14 habit

Monday my legs felt heavy, I was tired, my daughter had kept us up late into the night and the question of whether to bother passed through my mind. I told myself do your warm up and see what happens. I started doing some light movement in new spot, taking time after each movement to rest still feeling waves of fatigue, slowly though I found movements that intrigued me. Gradually the fatigue dissipated and my excitement grew as these new movements unfolded their potential for me. I ended playing for an hour and half on the set of rails where I had started my warm up. It was wet and precisions and strides I would have normal trained there didn’t feel safe, instead I found a wide variety of ways to pass under rails, and a series of tight technical jumps from awkward starts to awkward landings on the concrete just below the rails. After this my nervous system was amped up and I was able to do some full speed route work to finish my day.

I went back yesterday and got some of the movements on video

The lesson here is the value of habit, even on the days you don’t feel like it take the time to go through the warm up, to tune into your body and you may find you have much more in the tank then you initially thought. There are times where we need to shut down or drastically reduce our training but its easy to let a surface level emotion prevent your training when if you reach deeper you might find something awesome. Be true to your training, and you will be rewarded.

For more inspiration check out Kent johns who has trained every day for 230 days so far.

My challenge for you today doesn’t have anything to do with habit since one day does not make a habit. Instead I want you to try to learn the queda de rins which is part of the first sequence of moves I do in the video. I have found a lot of interesting movement connections from the QDR recently. Here is good article and video demonstration from Ido Portal. on page 18)

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