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Movement Inspiration 1/30/14 Don’t be afraid to teach yourself
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Movement Inspiration 1/30/14 Don’t be afraid to teach yourself

We learn faster when we have a good coach no question, training partners help too, immensely in some cases, but this does not mean we should give up if we do not have access to those things. I have been waiting to learn dance and capoeira for a time I had both money and time to take some classes. Not long ago I had epiphany I learned parkour on my own there were no teachers so I just started doing what I could, just because teachers do exist in other disciplines doesn’t mean I can’t apply the same self teaching I did with parkour.

In the end you should do both search for teachers that can help you on your movement journey but never step back from what you want to do just because you can’t find a teacher. Learn to learn and apply that to whatever interests you.

For inspiration here is great video of a self taught dancers progression over 5 years

Your challenge today try something you have felt like you needed help to learn, use your best learning strategies to see if you can teach it to yourself.

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