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Movement Inspiration 12/16/13 Capoeira
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Movement Inspiration 12/16/13 Capoeira

Movement Inspiration 12/16/13 Capoeira

Capoeira is one of the most great movement disciplines, combining an extremely high level of solo locomotive complexity, strong development of strength, power and mobility, musical sense and rhythm and both cooperative and competitive interaction with a partner. I believe it is one of the most powerful avenues for all around development as a mover. I have had only the barest introduction to it unfortunately but have found elements that I can incorporate into my own practice. Here is little experiment in mixing elements of the capoeira game with traversing obstacles in nature.

Capoeira experiment pic

Hat tip to Tyson Cecka of Parkour visions for introducing me to Capoeira and trying to do it in trees.

Today in your training I suggest if you have partner putting on some Capoeira music and trying some of the basic movement together.

If by yourself check out Ido Portals florieo videos and experimenting with the moves

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