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EMP Podcast 21
Movement inspiration 12/21/13 Creativity
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Movement inspiration 12/21/13 Creativity

Movement inspiration 12/21/13 Creativity

Today I trained with Eric Wolff one of the old school extremely skilled traceurs who has flown under the radar. The spot we trained in was a spot I dismissed for years as not that interesting. Lately I have been trying to expand my creativity and between us Eric and I were able to come up with huge variety of cool movements and challenges at this formerly barren spot; all in rain and 40 degree temperatures. We did weird climbing challenges, flips, driftwood hot lova sprints, weighted squats, dancing with a cool piece of driftwood, strides, roughhousing and tons of interesting balance and precision work. Here is quick taste of what we got up to.

So todays challenge is to challenge your creativity and movement imagination, go to a spot preferable nearby that has some terrain that looked interesting but you weren’t able to get much out of and see if you can see it with new eyes. The stronger your imagination the greater your capacity to find challenges in your environment and have fun.

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