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Movement inspiration 12/27/13 a time to rest but not to rot
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Movement inspiration 12/27/13 a time to rest but not to rot

Movement inspiration 12/27/13 a time to rest but not rot


Over the last 8 weeks I have been pushing extremely hard in my training working on building my tolerance for high level of training volume. In the last week I could feel that the fatigue I had accumulated was surpassing the fitness that I was gaining, niggling injuries were starting to accumulate, feelings of lethargy and low mood, it was time for back off week, how perfect that was coming up, time to kick back into easy to gear and let the super compensation kick in.

I put my last hard training in on monday and will not have a full training session again till sunday. The problem with rest is that it is so often confused with complete sedentism, sitting around playing video games and eating snacks till your eyes go blurry and your light headed is not the best way to hold on to what you have developed while letting your batteries recharge. You still need movement to pump blood through muscles, you need time outdoors to restore your pysche, fresh air, sunlight, negative ions, ground microbes all the ways movement outdoors can be beneficial of which we are are probably just scratching the surface.


So today I did my rest day protocol which I will continue till sunday, walk 3 miles in nature, climb a tree, squat mobility work, joint rotations, breathing work and meditation, I also took lots of pretty pictures of the natural world.



My challenge for you is to learn to recognize when you need rest but don’t fall into the habits of a sedentary westerner when you do, an ancestral lifestyle is not all or nothing. When your in recovery mode you can still walk, possible climb depending on your fitness, do mobility and balance work and work on your breathing and mental game.

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