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Movement Inspiration 12/31/13 the night
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Movement Inspiration 12/31/13 the night

Movement Inspiration 12/31/13 the night

Yesterday we talked about going deeper into your practice, asking the question can I do what I can do in broader range of circumstances. How much chaos can you buffer and continue to move effectively? To move joyfully.

One of the factors that can make movement much more challenging is low light conditions, learning to train at night makes you more adaptable more resilient and it opens up new opportunities for joyfulness. You have to learn to rely on proprioception more and vision less, you have to become more sensitive to your body and the quiet of night the helps bring a meditative aspect to your training.

There are many circumstances I have learned to love training in that for many are considered reasons not to train, its dark, its cold, its wet, its windy, each just like a wall, rail or tree limb can be seen either as obstacle or as a opportunity a new way to challenge yourself.

My challenge to you is to find some time this week to train at night, to test yourself against the darkness and find joy in the quiet.

Here is some inspiration from the founders of parkour

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