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Movement Inspiration 2/15/14 Swing
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Movement Inspiration 2/15/14 Swing

We have previously talked about the importance of lifting and throwing Swinging is another important component of manipulation it is a building block of combatives and dance and means for the development of broad range of physiological qualities that make for a more adaptable and resilient athlete.

Swinging a stick or club is one of the most basic defensive and offensive capacities of human beings and probably one of the first weapons we used to become predators. Stick swinging and sparring has remained a major part of child play where it has not be shut down by over protective adults.

We can use swinging movement for everything from power development in the hips using a heavy kettlebell swings, upper body multiplanar strength and gripping ability using traditional sledgehammer, mace, and club exercises, upper body mobility work and complex co-ordination and even dance like movements with sticks and hoops and of course stick and ball sports have been around for ever and develop wonderful hand eye co-ordination and full body whipping mechanics.

So today your challenge is to add some swinging movements into your training.
If your more towards the fitness end swinging heavy kettlebells try some complex pattern work with something like a bo staff
or dance with a hoop
If your more towards the movement/dance end of the spectrum challenge yourself with some heavy kettlebell swings


Or just go play some baseball, tennis, golf or lacrosse.

Have fun

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