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Movement Inspiration 2/17/14 Remember what you have forgotten
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Movement Inspiration 2/17/14 Remember what you have forgotten

When it rains do you look outside and say well I guess I am not having fun outside today? How many “sub-optimal conditions” will you allow to derail your movement and your play. When did you forget that the world outside is our biggest oppurtonity to play it is the source of our play and there is beauty in all of its manifestations.

Adults even older children who have grown up in this culture that stifles our play and disconnects us from the natural world have bizarre inhibitions about going out and playing the world around them.

When I invite people to train outside they often flake because its wet or its cold, when we get down on the ground they are unsettled by the experience of dirt on their hands.

My 17 month old daughter on the other hand is in love with her world, whether it gives her sunshine or rain or snow. She has to go outside every day, she has to explore and if that means she gets dirty well that’s cool she likes that.

As soon as she could crawl she would crawl outside any time we left the door open the first time in rained hard I was sure she would want to come in side instead she spent half an hour playing before she was ready to come inside and have a snack.

Your challenge today is just to go outside no matter what the weather and see the beauty of nature, don’t forget that ran and snow can be wonderful to. Play with what nature gives you.

Your inspiration is this video of little girls first encounter with rain

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