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Movement Inspiration 2/18/14 Be yourself
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Movement Inspiration 2/18/14 Be yourself

Evolve Move play aims to give those who practice it a basis in the full spectrum of innate human movement play drives. That said it is not and will never be a complete approach to human movement, human movement is field far too vast for any single individual or even school to explore all of. The goal is to find the best places to start the movement journey so you will have the utmost freedom to go deep into whatever ever it is that best suits you. Many aspects of play are universal but each of us has our own play personality and given the time, freedom and tools to develop ourselves in movement and in play we will all eventually have our own way.

Bruce Lee spoke of having no way as way, this does not mean simply doing your own thing always, one person can only create so much we are stronger as communities by far, the exchange of ideas, the confidence that comes in shared movement has incredible power and the methods that have been developed within specific disciplines can give you a huge head start in movement. Going deeply into a community and a method of movement is the best place to start in giving yourself the tools to forge the person you want to be, but there are also moments recognize when the rules of given discipline which gave you structure and allowed your growth begin to hold it back. That is when too let it go.

For inspiration today I wanted to share this video of my friend Ken Kao who is a writer, doctor of chiropractic, pole dancer, traceur and martial artists his journey in movement has brought him to a very unique place and its worth sharing.

and also this video of my friend Francesco Gaban who mixes dance tricking and parkour elements.

Today’s challenge is step outside the bounds of what you do, for a day and try something outside of that. If you do parkour how much movement can you find without obstacles, and not just flips, a martial artist try a different style or range, a capoeirista what is opened up when more then your hands head and feet can touch the ground?

Have fun

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