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Movement Inspiration 2/2/14 Get some nature in
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Movement Inspiration 2/2/14 Get some nature in

Todays challenge is a simple one, all I want you to do today is go outside somewhere where you can move in a natural setting.

We evolved in settings dominated by the result of geological and biological forces largely outside our control in those settings we were surrounded by plants and animals. In the modern world our own creations dominate the landscapes we move through and fauna and flora we encounter on day to day basis is deeply diminished.

There is a growing body of evidence that this mismatch is not healthy for us. Our immune systems evolved to calibrate themselves off the microbes in dirt, our microfauna is supposed to be regularly enriched from contact with plants, animals and the soil. Research indicates that walking through green spaces restores our will power and focus like taking a nap. Getting some fresh country air has been understood to be healthy for ages science is just now uncovering the mechanisms when that old wisdom has started to diminish.

So your challenge today is go out into nature, you can train in nature but even if it is a rest day a little hike in the woods, barefoot if possible, will do you good.

For inspiration check out this beautiful tribute to Tuolomne, a friend of mines hometown in the sierra nevada’s,

If you haven’t seen my Return to the Source video that is worth a watch in the nature inspiration category too.

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