Movement Inspiration 2/20/14 Scrambles and Slopes

In urban enviroments we rarely face complex sloped environments the ground is often flat interspersed with 90 degree walls or stairs, and the hills we have are usually concrete or turf.

In natural environments on the other hand the ground is rarely without some slope and this is often combined with an uneven surface, this provides a far more complex environment for footwork and as we get to more severe slopes we find running, jumping, quadrupdal movement, climbing and sliding all become neccesary to continue moving effectively and need to be rapidly alternated between. This provides a very unique, fun and challenging environment. Your challenge today go find a nice steep slope in the woods and experiment with how you can move on it.

The final sequence from return to the source is good example of couple adaptions to moving on sloped terrain.

For more inspiration lets turn to the animal kingdom and check out the movement of goats the overlooked parkour wunderkinds.

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