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Movement Inspiration 2/24/14 core practices
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Movement Inspiration 2/24/14 core practices

Lately the movement inspirations have been casting a wide net, movement variability is important and regularly seeing novel movement stimulus builds a more resilient and adaptable movement capacity, we should not feel limited to one practice or discipline and we should have permission to play in broad variety of ways.

There is a flip side to this if you are always bouncing from one movement practice to another you will never reach your highest potential, we need to have core practices things we continually come back to. At one point I had trained about 2 years each of kick boxing, kung fu, aikido, brazilian jujitsu, and tang soo do. When I gave people that list and told them I had been training martial arts for 10 years they were impressed but I did not think my skills were impressive, I had broad education but no depth I had reached only high novice level in each of these arts if that. To really learn something I needed to go deeper.

A dedicated mover should have a few core practices that are the foundation of what they do, this does not mean you should avoid playing with other movement arts nor do your core practices have to stay the same through your whole movement career but if you never go more deeply then the novice level in anything you will never understand mastery. Once you unlock mastery in one arena is it much easier to find the path again in other arenas.

Parkour was the practice that taught me how to learn, and movement with obstacles remains the core the biggest piece of my practice.

Your challenge today figure out your core practices and commit to putting regular time into them.

So for inspiration today here is the video got me started that gave me the practice that taught me so much about personal mastery about the journey through movement, and that gave me permission and confidence to take on so much more.

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