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Movement inspiration 2.25.14 Core combatives
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Movement inspiration 2.25.14 Core combatives

Yesterday we talked about finding the core of your practice, for me the second big piece of my practice has been Muay Thai and I believe this is one of great arts for developing combative capacity.

If you have never done combative work, I suggest looking into Muay, Western Boxing, wrestling, Judo, and Brazilian Jujitsu. I believe that almost all martial arts contain the bones of an effective approach to combat but many have lost what matt thortons calls aliveness the above training approachs are your best bets for finding a school near you that offers good progressive and alive practice.

If you have done martial arts work is your practice aliveness if not start adding more aliveness into your training.

For inspiration check out Buakaw Por Pramuk’s highlight reel.

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