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Movement Inspiration 2/27/14 New pilars
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Movement Inspiration 2/27/14 New pilars

In the last three posts we have covered the primary movement disciplines that have formed my foundation, but it is time to add new pillars to my foundation.

It is important not to completely abandon capacities you have developed if you wish to maintain them but you can’t get stuck always pursuing the same things simply because those are what called to you first. One must expose them selves to new movement patterns and seek the schools and methods that can add new strengths and remove weaknesses. We have talked before about the need to always be both widening and deepening our practice, coming closer to mastery in one area while in another area being willing to step back and play the roll of the novice again, it is as a novice that we can learn the most swiftly even if the beginning can be rocky.

The two disciplines that have rising to the number 2 and 3 on my priority list are Capoeira and Blues Dance.

There is great deal more I would love to explore, Judo, Traditional chinese martial arts, Skiing, horseback riding, the world of movement is endless but in order to progress we must make choices we must prioritize and choose what we feel will best strengthen us and help us become the human we want to be. Being able to dance, to interact with a partner is key capacity that is simply underdeveloped for me and it is time to change that.

Capoeira has long been something I have played with but never something I made a regular dedicated part of my practice. Lately I have been exploring it more intensely and finding great transfer to my movement in trees and finding it helps me bias my training towards mobility and strength capacities that are relative weaknesses.

Blues Dance is a newer interest but it takes me even further from my comfort zones from big movements, acrobatic ability and builds the basic capacities of sensitivity to a partner frame and footwork that are key to so many schools of dance.

Your question today is, is it time to add something new to your practice, something that can add to your overall foundation.

From capoeira look at this video see the diversity of movement patterns, from low on the ground to up in the are from bent to straight arms rotation in many dimensions all while move in rhythm with a partner all while challenging that partner, the sensitivity rhythm and athleticism are amazing, it is the essential elements of roughhousing taken to an incredible height of expression.

From blues dance look at this video and communication between the partners the playfullness and subtlety of the movement.

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