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Movement inspiration 2/3/14 Get mobile
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Movement inspiration 2/3/14 Get mobile

Mobility is major hot topic in movement/fitness world these days, particularly popularized by Kelly starret of mobilitywod who I recently had the pleasure of working with down in San Francisco and who I admire tremendously

The Evolve Move Play approach places a strong emphasis on mobility the ability to move with strength and control through increasing ranges of motion. Increasing your range of motion increases your movement options but you need stability and strength in those increased ranges of motion.

There are many good methods of improving this capacity but the bias in Evolve Move Play is to increasing range of motion through biasing movement training to stress range of motion and then adding extra ancillary work as necessary on top of that.

Movement skill areas that develop mobility include kicking movements, low squatting and quadrupedal movements, and static climbing and hanging movements. Add a hefty dose of these into your warm ups and cool downs and you will develop a more applicable and complete mobility.

My daughter does this she plays all day in a squat, straddle, w sit, combat squat and kneeling positions, moving through these ranges of motion develops and maintains them and also improves your motor map strength and control in addition to the range of motion.

For inspiration check out some of andreo spina’s recent training videos of low to the ground movements and kicks

I also admire Dewey Nielsen’s work in this area a great deal

and if you didn’t see it check out my winter warm up video

Your challenge for today explore play with some low to ground or hanging movements working on moving slowly with control through big ranges of motion.

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