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Movement Inspiration 3/1/14 Hit something
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Movement Inspiration 3/1/14 Hit something

Striking is an essential physical skill, it is the first strategy in a self defense situation, and striking with clubs and spears was a major part human hunting behavior starting before our species and it can have a powerful cathartic effect.

I have worked with a couple different students recently one who had never done any martial arts and one who had not done any since high school neither had used their hands to strike something in years, it was amazing to see the joy that was released when they got the chance. The permission to hit is not something people feel they have in our culture, and for many when that taboo is lifted a profound freedom is felt and great enjoyment in the movement.

My daughter at 18 months has started exploring the capacity to push and hit most parents would shut this down but I view it as play and happily let her palm strike me in the face, if she gets too rough with raking and pushing at my eyeballs I redirect her with tickling. Since I started doing that the incipient tendency to strike when angry seems to have disappeared. This aligns with Stuart Browns finding that exploring combat in playful setting actually lowers the likelihood of aggression.

I believe a heavy bag and or wooden dumb are powerful tools for physical practice, developing the structure of your strikes using a tool like this is vital in addition to live training with partners.

Here is some inspiration

from ross enamait on the heavy bag

and some random youtuber on the wooden dummy

Your challenge today find something to practice your strikes on.

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