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Movement inspiration 3/12/14 Parkour and Roughhouse
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Movement inspiration 3/12/14 Parkour and Roughhouse

There is a concept in Methode Naturelle of chaining movements, it is not sufficient to practice your capacities in isolation the capacity to transition between types of effort is its self a skill and physical quality and needs to be trained, you can be good at both swimming and running but find running after a swim very suprisingly difficult.

When I first started exploring Methode Naturelle I also became interested in the capacity to not just chain but to combine movement patterns and this is key part of Evolve Move pay. Can you run while carrying? How about over complex terrain? Can you wrestle while climbing, can you do capoeira while moving over trees?

To day I was watching my dog play with another dog and in the midst of their wrestling they kept running under and jumping up on picnic table, at times they would be jaw sparring while with one under the table and other other trying to get in, or one dog would be on top of the table boxing and jaw sparring with the one on the ground.

And that inspired me to give you guys that challenge, get very comfortable with some low safe obstacles, then do some basic fun focused roughhousing while moving around on them, keep your forces levels low and the focus on fun not on winning.

This is the best youtube video I could find showing dogs engaging in this type of play.

Another great example of this combination is this clip of climbing Great Dan Osman and a Friend

It also brings to mind jackie chans many wonderful, fighting chase scenes like this one.

Make like Jackie and mix some fighting into your reach and escape or some reach and escape into your fighting.

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