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Movement inspiration 3/15/14 Team lifting
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Movement inspiration 3/15/14 Team lifting

At the Apex movement parkour certification I had the chance to hang out with the coaches from Valley Crossfit which is one of the most interesting and progressive crossfit facilities I have come across.

One topic that came up was doing work outs of the day where athletes had to work together, they made the point that they thought these were really important and useful challenges to give people but they often got allot of resistance from their students. Crossfit is essentially an individual sport and your score is your score its hard for people to let go of that and really this is true of almost all heavy lifting movement disciplines, power lifting, olympic lifting, strong man when we think about lifting weights as and exercise we think about individual performance. But think about tasks that involve lifting and carrying in day to day life, these are very often team projects, most things we have to lift are less conveniently shaped then a barbell and they vary in weight well beyond what an individual can possibly lift. If you want to get a cast iron tub out of an old house better be ready to work with another person, moving a couch into a house, moving major equipment around in a gym, getting a big rock out of ground to set a foundation etc etc, but how often do we practice lifting in this context? In most of the fitness and movement world very rarely.

So that your challenge today or next time you have a training partner, together move heavy log or rock, or piece of furniture, push a car together, learn to not just express high levels of force but to coordinate that force production with another person.

One good old school team strength game is tug of war.

Check out the world championships of that here for some inspiration

another example of what I am talking about

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