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EMP Podcast 62
Movement Inspiration 3/16/2014 Ground Flow, Dance, Flip
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Movement Inspiration 3/16/2014 Ground Flow, Dance, Flip

We have repeatedly touched the value of ground flow movement development, we have also talked allot about dance, and just recently on acrobatics.

Today our inspiration is this amazing video which bring these elements together from Tom Weksler.

The ground work appears to be a derived from elements of Capoeira, possibly derived from the Ido portal movement method and contemporary dance. Both Capoeira and Dance ground work are among the most complex and beautiful systems of ground flow movement and the combination in this video is amazing, as is the addition of emotive dance elements and acrobatics.

Videos like this show such a high level of movement complexity and diversity that while inspiring they can also be overwelming it can feel like looking at it, it is something you could never do. This is not the case it takes years to learn to move with this level of freedom, to open this many gateways into movement but many of the individual movements here can be learned relatively swiftly and simple flows and improvisations developed from them.

My challenge to you is to find something in this video you feel like you could learn and study s 3 or 4 movement phrase over and over, then practice it film yourself and compare. Start to understand that the unattainable is attainable and explore how you can do that.

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