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Movement inspiration 3/20/14 Max jumps
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Movement inspiration 3/20/14 Max jumps

We have previously touched on the importance of maximal jumping practice to build capacity for bigger jumps and develop the key attributes of reactivity and explosive strength.

Simple challenge today do some max jumps

My two favorite general jumping ability drills are triple broad jumps, and standing triple jumps.

Depth jumps variations are also very powerful drills but should only be implemented when a sufficient strength and movement base in the legs has been developed.

For the experienced traceurs today is good day to pick one of your biggest jumps and work on that but remember that any sort of technical difficulty in a jump will tend to cause you to be more conservative in force generation and thus it will be less developmental for maximal power. You need to work both the technical aspects of take off’s and and landings and the neuro-muscular qualities that allow bigger jumps through simple jumping drills.

Here is simple training day plan focused on max jumps.

General warm up 10 minutes
Prehab drills for feet ankles and knees 15
Light flow sequences 20 minutes
3×30 meter sprints(low volume today just getting the nervous system popping)
5×3 triple broad jumps(minimal rest between reps full rest between sets)
5×3 standing triple jumps with full rest(minimal rest between reps full rest between sets)
Some technical but not too tiring climbing work(alternation of effort resting the legs)
Running gap jump 10×1
Coursing work involving previously mastered big jump 3×5
Open play
Warm down

For the traceurs give that program a try, if your not experienced at parkour, drop the big running gap and give the rest a try.

For inspiration lets turn to Apex movement jumping Phenom Dylan Baker.

and how could you post about jumping with out throwing in some stephan holm

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