Movement Inspiration 3/21/14 Play like a Humanzee

Today’s movement inspiration is Humanzee II from Leo Urban

Leo Urban is one of the few traceurs pushing our limits moving in natural terrain, I know how lonely a journey this can be and have huge respect for him, his last video was direct inspiration for some of the jumps in tree runner.

It’s awesome to see he took his shoes off for this video as well

We have covered the power of pretending to be an animal as form of play before. Its huge element of childs play and inspires us to explore a broader range of movement and mimicing animals has been an inspiration for broad range of movement arts it can be both fun and silly and a truly deep study.

Your challenge today is to explore something you see in this video or go to local park and pretend your chimp and ask how you would interact with that environment as a chimp.

Because it is appropriate I thought I would share this line from today’s training too, I wasn’t thinking about moving like a chimp but I often think of this type of movement as playing like a Gibbon or Chimp.

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