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EMP Podcast 22
Movement inspiration 3/22/14 Run the creek
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Movement inspiration 3/22/14 Run the creek

When I first discovered Parkour could be done in nature I immediately remembered doing lots of parkour like stuff growing up. Lots of tree climbing, lots of running through the woods but my absolute favorite as kid was running up creek beds. Jumping from rock to rock, dropping of cliffs into sand or water, balancing across fallen logs. My closest training partner when I started PK had done similar stuff and never stopped he had been racing up and down whatcom creek for years and when he took me there it became my favorite place to do parkour. You can see some of that creek run in this video and expect more of it this summer

For me there is nothing better then racing over complex terrain next to beautiful water, and ending with cliff dive and swim.

When it comes to environments to inspire play a good creek bed can’t be beat.

So that your challenge this weekend go find a nice creek to play around in.

For inspiration check out this section from the Parkour hits the road group’s newest video.

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