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Movement Inspiration 3/27/14 Play with a stick
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Movement Inspiration 3/27/14 Play with a stick

The stick is probably the oldest toy known to man and it is still one of the most versatile some even say its the best toy of all, the stick is probably our first weapon, used to club or stab a prey animal or defend ourself from a predator, and is put to frequent use in childrens play. In the role of an imaginary sword, spear, club, bow or gun, but that is not all that can be done with a stick, the stick can be used to amplify movement and to dance with, it can be made into an imaginary doll it can be used to build forts and make art.

Its also free, this is probably why playing with sticks is not advertised as an important “fitness” tool, nothing to monetize.

The stick is a great toy because it is entry level for just about every body you can all go out into the woods tomorrow pick up a stick and find some interesting ways to move with it, but the stick also gives us the possibility to explore some truly complex and intense movement.

You can use it to develop strength

Or you can use it develop highly complex movement patterns like this

or this

so do yourself a favor today and go play with a stick.

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