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Movement Inspiration 3/5/14 Flow Low
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Movement Inspiration 3/5/14 Flow Low

Yesterday we talked about flying high in the air and the benefits of acrobatics today lets go the opposite direction and explore staying close to the ground.

We have touched on the importance of ground flow training before, from ground flow we can move up to developing flow over small obstacles, many movements from capoeira, gymnasio natural, dance and systema ground work can be used over small obstacles and continuous flows can be developed moving between the ground and the obstacles.

That’s your challenge today explore what you can find using the ground and low objects like tree roots, tables and low walls.

This type of training is called Lowline at parkour visions and they did a great tutorial on it featuring brandee laird.

and for higher level exploration enjoy this wonderful piece from Yamakasi founder Laurent Piemontesi

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