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Movement Inspiration 3/6/14 Carry
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Movement Inspiration 3/6/14 Carry

In Evolve Move Play we divide manipulative capacities into lifting, carrying, swinging, throwing, catching, juggling and fine motor skills. We have previously covered the important of lifting, swinging and throwing patterns. Carrying like swinging and throwing is relatively under utilized as a physical development tool. From an ancestral perspective we rarely lifted heavy things without having to carry them. Loaded carries develops integrated strength from the ground through the torso and the upper body as well as work capacity and stamina. Strength and conditioning great Dan John has argued it is single most powerful but neglected tool for physical development.

For more thoughts on the importance of weighted carries I his article here

as well as this article by strong man and founder of strong made simple Brian Tabor

I enjoy training this capacity in natural environments using the available materials it is quite easy in boulder field or driftwood beach to find ways to challenge yourself with carrying, dragging and pushing challenges.

This capacity should be exercised as part of daily life, whenever possible at the store use the hand carried baskets instead of the carts, park at the farthest end of the parking lot and you mimic the ancestral environment just that little bit more.

Your challenge today is to find something heavy and carry it.

For inspiration check out these videos of carrying in daily lives of non industrialized peoples.

For more inspiration the highest levels of performance in this capacity in the sports world are certainly held by strong man competitors.

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