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Movement inspiration 3/9/14 Longer routes
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Movement inspiration 3/9/14 Longer routes

Last week we touched on the value of doing route training, as mentioned 10-30 second routes are a sweet spot for skill development and flow.

Longer courses though are powerful physical stimulus and should be added into your training regularly as well. This biases our training towards more of metabolic effect. A course with allot of high speed running will hit the general energy systems while one with allot of climbing will produce a ton of local muscular fatigue they end up feeling like very different challenges.

Here is my second run through our climbing focused course of the day, this was only 38 seconds but it was quite fatiguing.

Your challenge today longer routes 30 seconds to a minute.

We do also occasionally work into the 5-10 minute range as well. Once you go beyond a minute or so you have to switch to primarily aerobic energy systems and the percentage of your maximum capacity you can operate falls of dramatically. We will revisit that challenge soon for today try the moderately long routes.

For inspiration check out this run from oleg vorslav at just under 30 seconds it one of the longest continous runs I have seen in parkour/free running video and while maintaning a level of precision, complexity and amplitude that is awe inspiring.

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