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Movement inspiration 4/16/2014 Play in the moonlight
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Movement inspiration 4/16/2014 Play in the moonlight

Riding home from dinner last night we passed a tree that was simple too good to resist, and under the beautiful light of the full moon we pulled to move, the tree seduced us into vaults, jumps and swings long past the time we had intended to spend exploring. It was one most beautiful training experiences you could ask for. Complete quiet, just two athletes and a tree exploring movement.

Night training is an important piece in the arsenal of the all around mover, its is tremendously developmental of proprioceptive ability and movement sensitivity it is the ideal time to train stealth

The value of night training though goes beyond the utility of being able to move at night or effects on proprioception another huge benefit is simple the peace and quiet that is available when training at night it bring out a the meditative aspect of training and allows the mind to focus on the beauty of the world around us.

night training

Full moonlight is great place to start with night training because of the greater visibility and also because it is just fun and beautiful to play under the moonlight.

So that is my challenge to you while the moon is near full get out and enjoy it.

For inspiration enjoy this wonderful video from parkour miramas

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