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EMP Podcast 79
Movement inspiration 4/18/14 Climb ups and pass unders
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Movement inspiration 4/18/14 Climb ups and pass unders

While I believe parkour is the closest discipline to an ideal approach to locomotive training it is missing pieces, at least as commonly practiced, one of those pieces is strength development especially slow strength, upper body strength and strength in odd positions. These are all big elements in both climbing and capoeira. Climbing is huge aspect of being able to overcome obstacles that is vastly underrepresented in parkour training while the ground flow movements of capoeira challenge the upper bodies pressing strength through a wide variety of positions and build the capacity to find movement options through bent armed strength and rotational gates that would otherwise not be available.

Today I want you to work on find ways to challenge your strength by climbing over things and passing under them working on slow controlled movement.

Try the Queda De Rins pass under I use at the beginning of the first route in this video and do it very slowly working being able to control your weight in the QDR and press out of it.

Then look for spots to work on the climbers mantle or tree branch climb ups. The parkour climb up is a very important skill to have but the 90 90 wall is almost never seen in the natural world and climbing up over branches or boulders often requires a different approach like seen in this video

So your challenge to to go find some strength biased pass unders and climb ups to practice.

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