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Movement inspiration 4/2/14 Tree climbing
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Movement inspiration 4/2/14 Tree climbing

We have touched on the value of climbing trees as movement practice multiple times.

Today I wanted to share this video and challenge you to find a place you can connect climbing from one tree to another. You may not find a place right away but keep your eyes open and add this to lists of spots you want to find.

This was an ambition I developed early in my parkour training, my dream is to find a place I can travel from tree to tree through a huge canopy moving swiftly like monkey, I have yet to find that but I have found a variety of places I can do single tree to tree transitions at speed or longer connection that are slower.

Be very careful about height and make sure none of the limbs are likely to break.

Climbing like this works stability and balance, full body coordination, grip strength, mobility and provides huge amounts of complexity novel movement information for the nervous system and of course its amazingly fun touching deep parts of our primate nature.

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