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Movement Inspiration 4/24/14 Basics redux
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Movement Inspiration 4/24/14 Basics redux

I emphasize play a great deal in evolve move play but play is not sufficient for a fully developed physical practice. Play is the best place to start because it is inherently motivational and it is a guide to what has always been important as human being, if we are driven to play in certain ways those are probably important capacities, but if all you seek is a sense of play in your practice it will be incomplete. To achieve a deep mastery in anything you need to cultivate a taste for hard work, for meticulous and methodical attention to basics.

Training and playing intertwine with each other, when we play we develop the motivation to train and uncover what we should train, when we train we develop the capacity to play at greater and greater levels.

I find myself focusing less on strength training, mobility development or joint preparation on the movement blog because those areas are less playful less inherently motivating at least for me but they are vitally important.

In my own training I recently went deep into exploring play and I progressed a great deal through that but the pendulum has swung back and it has become clear that it is time to recommit to basics, to unlock the next levels of capacity.

The video I want to share with you today is a simple one just some wrist and hand preparation drills from Ross Enamait, while these do have a wow factor they don’t scream fun the way big jumps, flips, flow, dance or sparring does to me at least, what they do scream is dedicated preparation, to develop the connective tissues of the wrist to this level of strength is process of years but having that capacity unlocks so much potential.

Your challenge today is to ask yourself is there something your missing a basic piece you need too unlock what you want to accomplish, something neccesary to stay safe on your journey, if you want to to lots of hand balancing or striking with your hands better prepare your wrists, if you want to do high level jumps and flips feet, see to your ankles, knees, hips or you progress will stall and pain will be your teacher.

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