Movement Inspiration 4/25/14 Parkour Dance

If you are not already a follower of Amos Rendao you should be, Amos and I always seem to be working in parallel but somewhat different tracks, around the same time I was studying old gymnastics and stunt falling breakfalls and their application to parkour, Amos started studying martial arts breakfalls or Ukemi and developing his Parkour Ukemi concept, not long after I started teaching aliveness in parkour, Amos started exploring the idea of parkour Randori, and when I went to teach at Apex movement last fall I discovered that just as I had started to, Amos was also exploring the intersection of dance and parkour. On this one Amos is definitely ahead having gone out taken regular hip hop classes and it shows in this very fun video.

I have touched on the capacity to explore dance in parkour before but it is worth reiterating a large portion of my session today was simple improvisational parkour in response to music with capoeira steps in the flat ground to keep the rythm. It was really fun.

Put some music on tomorrow and try it.

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