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Movement Inspiration 4/27/14 Go play in the mountains
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Movement Inspiration 4/27/14 Go play in the mountains

There is something awe inspiring about mountains, and people driven to move have sought them for years but so far their potential for locomotion outside of hiking and climbing has been relatively minimally explored, this is a shame, in my life before parkour, playing in the mountains was just behind running up creek beds, and climbing trees on the list of locomotive play I loved to engage in. When my future wife first came to visit me in Washington (she was from California) she called me a mountain goat after watching me bound around on boulders, climb rocks and slide down snow slopes while hiking in the cascades.


High in the mountains, boulder fields and creeks with interesting movement potential are wonderfully common and unlike in the lowlands you can often find snow patches interspersed with them, give unique opportunities for sliding movements and connections out of them.



It should of course be noted that the plant life and ecosystems at high elevations are often delicate and care should be taken to not trample them. Stay on the rocks but if you do you can find quite allot of interesting movement and few more beautiful settings.

This is the only video showing high level locomotive movement in high mountain boulder fields I know off and it is one of my favorites.

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