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Movement inspiration 4/8/14 Dancing day
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Movement inspiration 4/8/14 Dancing day

Its been a little while since we touched on dance on the movement inspiration blog, my own training has involved allot of dance recently and I am working on a longer piece on dance but that is still in the works.

For now I wanted to challenge you to incorporate some dance into your training today.

If you have a smart phone a portable speaker to go with it is pretty inexpensive and its wonderful tool to add to your training, practicing light movement in response to the music is wonderful way to develop senstivity to music while also improving improvization and creating a fun entry into a days practice. I do this with ground flow work, low obstacle flow, and kicking and footwork drills.

One can add a partner to this kind of work fairly easily even without having formal partner dancing training. Simple move around each other in given space both responding to the music and to each others movement.

For inspiration enjoy this piece.

edited to add this one too because its awesome

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