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Movement Inspiration 5/17/14 Precision jumping
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Movement Inspiration 5/17/14 Precision jumping

The ability to aim a jump precisely develop stability on small surface and flow smoothly out is a fantastically difficult and complex capacity. Precision jumping is one of the most unique movement skills in Parkour, and one that is extremely useful, in many types of complex terrain a small miss step or loss of balance can have catastrophic effects on your ability to control your movement and stay safe. Developing the capacity to jump land and run on precise surfaces makes one a far more capable mover.

Precision jumping should be a constant in parkour training something addressed in almost every training session, and addressed with complete focus.

Balance in the landing and take off should be developed as part of warm ups, different approaches and landings should be explored regularly.

When this is the case the freedom to move over broad variety of terrain is greatly improved.

So today your challenge is to work on your precision jumping and striding ability.

For beginners start with jumping to a curb. Focus on landing on the posterior aspect of the ball of the foot this offers the greatest margin for error and most shock absorption. Pay attention to any wobbling of the heel inward this is big force leak and cause of instability similarly make sure the knee does not collapse in and that that the hip moves back a similar degree as the knee moves forward. Finally try to keep the back neutral and chest up.

For inspiration check out the amazing rail work from the guys at apex movement.

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