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Movement inspiration 5/26/14 Climb and fight
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Movement inspiration 5/26/14 Climb and fight

When I first began experimenting with applying “aliveness” to parkour training one of the most popular games we came up with was rock wall fighting. The idea was simple two athletes start on opposite sides of a section of rock wall and then see who can knock the other one off without falling themselves. To keep it safe we restricted the height the athletes could climb, set up mats and spotters. To get an idea what it might look like here is great clip from Dan Osman, they were playing under slightly different rules obviously.

This is another great example of combining of capacities, one could be good at climbing and fighting but being able to fight and climb is a whole new adventure.

A great way to start a game like this would be to set targets of what can be attacked and ways yous you can attack them. Allowing pulling at the hands and feet but not kicks or punching is safe place to start, or one can start by just fighting with pool noodles on a wall trying to score points by landing on the body this is very safe,m fun and developmental of qualities involved in higher level versions of the game.

One doesn’t need to be on rock or a rock wall to play this either, Tyson and I started playing games something like capoeira in the limbs of trees 5 years ago, provided the ground is soft and limbs are only a few feet above ground this is a hugely fun game.

So today look for ways to combine combative and climbing capacities and see what you can come up with.

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