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Movement inspiration 5/27/14 Flow and throw
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Movement inspiration 5/27/14 Flow and throw

Continuing the movement combination idea this is another fun movement combination to play with. This is major component of many popular sports, a basketball player who crosses his opponent over and hits a jump shot, is expressing locomotive flow into a throwing skill, similarly I like to watch baseball which may shock people but the ground engagement and spins you see especially from the middle infield connected to fast pinpoint accurate throwing is really beautiful to me.

As a kid, my freinds and I had apple wars, which involved running around our orchard, dodging between trees, diving under cover and popping up to chuck apples as hard as possible at each other, there were a few bruises but we had allot of fun.
It is easy to imagine the connection the combination of locomotive and throwing skills and our success as hunter foragers and warriors in the past.

Playing with some baseball, football or basketball skills is good way to play with these skills or you can more adventerous, and play dodgeball parkour, or if you don’t have a partner, you can set up targets and practice connecting locomotive routes with throwing at the targets.

For inspiration enjoy this ridiculous but awesome scene from the Yamakasi movie.

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