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Movement inspiration 5/4/2014 Play with a child
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Movement inspiration 5/4/2014 Play with a child

Today my wife and daughter dropped by during my seminar to bring me a rain jacket. My daughter then refused to leave wanting to join the students in contact improv and splash around in the rain. The students all got a kick out of her and we got to demonstrate how I roughhouse with her to illustrate some of the concepts we were teaching.

Audrey did a great job helping me teach about play and the truth is kids are the experts. For Audrey play is an all encompassing imperative. For someone interested in movement and play kids are one of the most basic starting places to learn from and most of us have family or friends with kids who would be happy to have someone give them some attention, but its not viewed as very grown up to get down on the floor to play with kids don’t let that stop you.

My challenge is if you have kids take some time to follow how they play roughhouse with them play tag, if you don’t have kids next time you visit friends or family who do do the same.

For inspiration check out this awesome father daughter contact improv video.

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