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Movement inspiration 6/20/14 Swim, Jump and Flow
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Movement inspiration 6/20/14 Swim, Jump and Flow

As child my mom always called me a water baby, my fondest memories as child were days spent at the beach, river or a creek. My favorite places to train are still those were I find interesting, trees and rocks to run, jump and swing on but also water to swim, dive and flip into.

Lately my routine has been to go to greenlake park every day for light daily session practicing capoeira basics, precision jumping, tree climbing and climb up training interspersed with swimming and flipping of the dock.

One thing I find amazing is how much easier I find recovery from training when I can finish with a bit of swimming and how often I can find a second wind if I can take as swim in the middle of training.

So today or next time you get a chance find somewhere to train some jumping, and flow work interspersed with swimming diving and flipping into water, and finish with a gentle recovery

Here is some good example of a nice relaxed land and water training session from John Edourd Ehlinger of Liveadept

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