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EMP Podcast 25
Movement Inspiration 7/25/14 Downcing, Giming, Fwipping, Boxshing, and Woks
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Movement Inspiration 7/25/14 Downcing, Giming, Fwipping, Boxshing, and Woks

Those are my Daughter’s pronunciations of her favorite things. She is 22 months now and her life is movement, she is starting to take more of an interest in object play but mostly what she wants to do s explore and move. She is my biggest movement inspiration right now, to see her joy in all of this.

Her current favorite game is to climb up to my shoulders while I am sitting on the couch, then fall down into my lap, lean back put her head between my feet and do a back head spring to the ground, giming and fwipping as she likes to say, then she will lay on her back and ask me for fwips, I lift her by her hips and spin her legs up, over and back down to the ground behind her, then flip her forward on to my shoulder.

We do not watch TV in general less on principle and more because most of it is just not interesting, Audrey hasn’t show any interest either. The one exception is the program So You Think You Can Dance. Which we love and Audrey is now fascinated by.  Watching her eyes light up watching the dancers and then demand to get down and move her self during the commercials, is an awesome feeling.

Apparently after I leave her at Day care she and the other older kids will demand music and start dancing, I got the chance to witness this for the first time the other day, it was so much fun to see.

Recently the climbing, flipping and dancing have been her favorites, but just a few weeks ago she was really into roughhousing, and would declare her intention by screaming Boxshing or fwight before launching herself at me and raining palm strikes at my face, or jumping up and down on my stomach. I hit her back gently and she laughs, if she gets too rough we will ask her to be gentle and she will pet me like she pets the dog, which is quite adorable.

I figured today I would share her favorite routine from this week and challenge you to go approach some movement today with the joy of a child.

P.S the stalls and work on and around the bed frame are very interesting locomotive movement challenges.

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